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Who We Are

Welcome to our website and our new blog!

LifeWave Therapies offers a business solution for health providers to help grow your practice, increase revenue, and position your practice as a leader in cutting-edge care; all while helping your patients experience better outcomes in record time.

Tissue Regeneration Therapy (TRT) is the most effective extracorporeal shockwave technology in the market, utilizing patented electro-hydraulic acoustic waves to successfully treat a wide range of medical conditions including:

• Pressure ulcers
• Back pain
• Knee pain
• Shin splints
• Plantar fasciitis
• Stress fractures
• Overuse injuries
• Foot ulcer pain
• Shoulder Pain
• Scar tissue treatment
• Elbow pain
• Osgood-Schlater
• Hamstring pain
• Fascial release
• Hallux Rigidus
• Achilles tendinopathy
• Morton’s neuroma
• Acupuncture points
• Diabetic foot ulcers
• Peripheral arterial diseases
• Venous leg ulcers
• Chronic wounds
• More

At LifeWave, we provide the OrthoGold100™ and the DermaGold100™ – patented devices made by Softwave TRT that use low-intensity shockwave technology, which accelerates healing for a range of dermatologic and musculoskeletal conditions. The FDA-cleared device is the only one of its kind to:
– Increase blood supply
– Accelerates wound healing
– Modulate inflammation
– Stimulate the body’s own stem cells
– Repair and regenerate tissue
– Induce an antibacterial effect
– Reduce pain

This treatment modality non-invasive, drug-free, has no side effects, and is a proven treatment for tissue healing in orthopedics, wound care, aesthetics, and traumatology. It is used by professional sports teams as well as leading national and international research and medical centers like Cleveland Clinic, Memorial Sloan Kettering, and Sheperd’s Center.

Through this blog and future articles we post, we hope to share education, resources, and testimonials that explain and highlight the success of tissue regeneration therapy.

Feel free to contact us directly to learn more or become a provider. We offer the state-of-the-art Softwave TRT devices as well as assistance with training, practice implementation, patient education, and marketing so that your practice can thrive.

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