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  • Former United States Senator Max Cleland. SoftWave Therapies ‘TRT’s OrthoGold 100’ treatments performed by Dr Mullins at Piedmont Hospital

    This documents the incredible journey of a Dr Jones as he searches for natural options, as he recovers from a torn anterior cruciate ligament. He’s utilizing his vast network of Health Expert Alliance to help decrease the inflammation, improve blood flow with out the use of drugs, medication or surgery. This interview documents his real live review after his 2nd ESWT / lithotripsy

    Ross Mason was injured in a bicycle accident in August 2007. As he was training for the Iron Man competition, a bee got in his helmet, causing him to veer off of the trail and break his neck. His injury was classified as a C-6 complete spinal chord injury, which means that he was paralyzed below the collarbone. Doctors said he would never regain his lost functionality. Seven years after his injury, Mason began treatment by SoftWaves (unfocused acoustic waves) on his spinal cord. Within weeks, Mason regained sweating down to the waist, autonomic nervous system functionality, and stomach and back muscle control. Within a year, Mason’s breathing drastically improved, and he was able to leg press 60-65 lbs.

  • Cerebral palsy after shockwave therapy

    Mr Smith lost use of his left hand after suffering a stroke 20 years ago. His smile tells it all.

    Dr. Michael Compton at One Health Medical Systems with his patient recapping the third and final weekly SoftWave session.

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