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At LifeWave Therapies, our turn-key business solution provides your practice with the OrthoGold100: a state-of-the-art patented Tissue Regeneration Therapy device. We also offer training and marketing support to ensure your success. Our goal is to deliver the technology and tools so that you can focus on providing high-quality, innovative care to your patients. Offering TRT is an opportunity for you to:

  • help your patients experience better outcomes in record time
  • grow your practice and increase revenue
  • position your practice as a leader in cutting-edge care

What is Tissue Regeneration Therapy?

Tissue Regeneration Therapy (TRT), which is also sometimes referred to as SoftWave Therapy, is the most effective extracorporeal shockwave technology in the market that utilizes patented electro-hydraulic acoustic waves to successfully treat a wide range of medical conditions.

TRT is an advanced technology option that is effective and tolerable, requires less treatment time, and helps your clinic be more profitable.

The OrthoGold100™ and the DermaGold100™ are patented TRT devices that use low-intensity shockwave technology, which accelerates healing. The spark gap technology produces a parallel wave that increases blood flow, modulates inflammation, regenerates tissues, and reduces pain. These devices are advanced technology but easy for providers to use and allow you to better help your patients.

There are many technologies in the market, radial/ballistic being one. How is this different from radial technology?

  • The OrthoGold100™ and DermaGold100™ are TRUE shockwave – unfocused/parallel shockwave
  • Treats more indications
  • Penetrates a wider and deeper area – greater than a superficial depth
  • Does not cause bleeding and microtrauma
  • Non-analgesic, less pain
  • Less treatment time

Unfocused parallel shockwaves are superior and more effective than radial pressure waves.

Unfocused acoustic shockwaves have high pressure, fast rise time, a short lifespan with positive and negative pressure phases that cover an area width and depth of 7cm x 12cm. The wave’s sudden change in pressure results in cellular cavitation but does not cause microtrauma. The process allows for greater biological response, including angiogenesis and modulation of inflammation, and therefore accelerates healing.

The OrthoGold100™ and DermaGold100™ make it possible to solicit the highest amount of total biological response to the target area to initiate the body’s natural healing process.


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